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STAR leggings + MOOSE jammies.

Having some fun in the snow before I’m off to work!

Rockin’ my star leggings, my Hayden Harnett bag ( a gift from Miss Emilie Cooke <3) and my oversized BCBGMAXAZRIA Sweater….and my new favorite sunglasses from aimee!

Now you’re all wondering about the MOOSE jammies right?

Well…here they are… a special feature on my gorgeous fiance, rockin his MOOSE jammies that he loves (thanks aunt Linda : )).

{ Moose jammies, Heartland Coop Fleece, Princess Hat from Target. }

{ And his IZOD slippers I got him for Christmas }

P.S. These photos were taken on Saturday before we got ALL the other snow!


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living room magic.

I’ve pretty much wrapped things up in our living room and now I just need Donovan to hook up the entertainment center electronics and we will be sitting in pure living room heaven. Ok, thats pushing it a little, but I am quite in love with how everything has come together so nicely in our little home. Yesterday, I worked on a project that completely transformed my living room (hence the living room magic heading!). What I am going to share with you today is a little best kept secret I would have to say. Curtains + curtain rods! Ok, thats not the secret, but what I discovered yesterday while getting mine up is truly phenomenal. (Some of you probably already know this – I on the other hand did not.) For those of you who don’t, the secret to making your living room look MUCH bigger, much prettier and more GRAND is to hang your curtain rods almost up to your ceiling! I did this yesterday and my living room got bigger immediately! High curtain rods = living room magic! Take a peek and let me know what you think!


{ These are just the cheap curtain rods the house came with, I was using them till I got mine up. }


{ A huge difference! Sorry, I didn’t have a better before picture, I got excited and forgot to take more! I hung them 4″ down from the ceiling and 5″ out from each side of the window. }

{ I got these cute little tiebacks from Urban Outfitters on Sale for very inexpensive, they turned out great with these curtains, now I just need to find something for the other side! }

{ My curtains are from IKEA and I believe the curtain rods came from Target. I’m not sure if you can tell or not, but since I like to create a little difference in everything I do, I painted the hooks that hold the rods black, so now the curtain rods are a brushed gold on black brackets. I think it adds another layer or interest! }

Move those rods up if you haven’t already done this!


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the frames mission.

Was accomplished! As I mentioned here in yesterdays post, I am working on my moms birthday present project! It’s a fun one too!

Where did I leave off yesterday? Oh yeah…my favorite part…the shopping part! Now, since this is a birthday present I didn’t go my normal route of DIY frames (thrift store frames that I would spray paint black and white), I wanted to get my mom some good quality frames at a good price. First stop was Target, I went to go pick up my Target prints (which was ridiculously easy, they were done in 2 hours) and then shopped Target for frames. They actually had some pretty decent deals with back to school promotions still going on, but I knew I needed to check Hobby Lobby & Michael’s as well. I totaled up the cost of the Target frames and it was $178.00 for 15 frames. Not bad, but still too much for this girl!

I headed to Michael’s next and to my surprise….(are you ready for it?)……they were having their 40% OFF frames sale! I hit Michael’s on the best day because the sale ends on the Oct 1st. I was able to get really nice black and white frames with matting, hanging systems, etc for a total of $109.57!! That equals approx $7.30 per frame… and that includes large 16 x 20 frames that were matted to 11 x 14’s in there too!

Target is mailing me the 11 x 14 prints, that’s why these are completed yet – I can’t wait till she sees it, and she really has the perfect place for them in her house too. Which I will obviously share soon enough! Until then…have a great day!

Oh… and if you are in need of frames, make sure to head to Micheal’s before Saturday to catch the frame sale!

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a birthday project.

My mom’s birthday is next week and now that I am here in Iowa — it is much easier to give her a gift that is thoughtful and planned out. Since I have been taking pictures of EVERYTHING lately…I have numerous gorgeous photos of my parents farmland.  Soooooo, I am going to have her favorite shots printed and framed and surprise her with a framed photo collage for her house!

Here is the first stage of the project, I printed on my home printer and laid out for size and layout. I’m doing all the prints in black and white and sepia treatment. Check it out. I hope she likes it!

I just placed the order for the prints online with Target and they will be ready to pick up later this afternoon!  Now I get to go shopping for the frames!

For the photo collage I’m going to do 15 images, so I need to get 15 frames:

4 – 11 x 14

7 – 8 x 10

4 – 5 x 7

More photos to come as I keep working on this project!

Have a great day everyone!

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snakeskin chiffon + dinner date.

Donovan and I have been very busy since we arrived in Iowa and we haven’t had much time to ourselves at all. A date night was in order! And what better occasion than a date night to get dressed up in some of my favorite pieces…

Thanks to my beautiful friend Tiffany who owns a very stylish boutique in Hawaii called Bamboo Sky (yes, she has an online store too, www.shop.bamboosky.com ), I have this fabulous snakeskin printed chiffon top to make my outfit around! Check out her online store if you have a chance, she has really cool pieces for great prices! 

{ Target Sunglasses, Cecilio Ramirez Necklace (friend of mine), Top from www.shop.bamboosky.com, BCBGMAXAZRIA Runway Oversized Clutch, BCBGMAXAZRIA Shoes }

{ Downtown LA Chinatown Hat }

{These BCBG shoes are ridiculously comfortable…its almost not right! }

And we were off… dinner and drinks!


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