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STAR leggings + MOOSE jammies.

Having some fun in the snow before I’m off to work!

Rockin’ my star leggings, my Hayden Harnett bag ( a gift from Miss Emilie Cooke <3) and my oversized BCBGMAXAZRIA Sweater….and my new favorite sunglasses from aimee!

Now you’re all wondering about the MOOSE jammies right?

Well…here they are… a special feature on my gorgeous fiance, rockin his MOOSE jammies that he loves (thanks aunt Linda : )).

{ Moose jammies, Heartland Coop Fleece, Princess Hat from Target. }

{ And his IZOD slippers I got him for Christmas }

P.S. These photos were taken on Saturday before we got ALL the other snow!


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tour en bicicleta.

Yesterday Donovan and I took our bikes out in hopes to do some more exploring of our neighborhood. Well, we accomplished that, but we also accomplished a lot more! About 1 1/2 miles from our house we stumbled upon a nice paved trail and decided to see where it would take us…20 miles later we made it home! BUT, before we did we got an absolutely beautiful tour of some of the Des Moines trails, as well as Gray’s lake. The other highlight of our bike tour was that we stumbled upon a super awesome market and cafe. The market was located on MLK Pkwy and is called Gateway Market. If you are looking for a good meal, good food, gelato, coffee, gourmet cheeses or desserts….this is the place to go! Even better than Whole Foods in my opinion, actually WAY better.  Here are some photos of our day!

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creme de la creme – the downtown des moines farmers market.

After many years of attending the many different Farmer’s Markets in Los Angeles, I was really excited to wake up early Saturday morning and go check out the local Downtown Des Moines Market. Apparently, there are about 20,000 people who attend this farmers market, so getting their early definitely benefits you. We got there at 7am! We were a little tired considering the night before was the first “severe thunderstorm” that Donovan has experienced so we sat in the living room until 1am watching the lightening show. It was pretty intense (to us) and majestic. Once we arrived, we stopped for a cup of jo from Java’s Joes…(a super cute coffee shop off of Court Ave) and soon enough we were wide awake and ready to boogie! Let the fun begin!

The Farmer’s Market in Des Moines is located on Court Avenue and is open every Saturday from 7-12pm through October 29th. We took our time checking everything out and I’m glad we did : )

Here are some photos of all the yummy things that were offered!

Chocolate covered beef sticks?? Only in the Midwest!

This bread is very tasty! Highly recommended. We purchased the wheat/sourdough blend.

We experienced some amazing things on Saturday, but my favorite was the Panna Cotta(I don’t even know what panna cotta is?!), but it was a creamy custard type of texture, almost like a pudding, that was covered in berries and almonds and drizzled with honey! This is the first time I’ve had it, but will definitely need to get it every time I go. YUM! Maybe I can get my friends Rachel and Maya who have a fabulous food blog to figure it out what panna cotta is!

My mom might have found a great basket made in Africa of elephant grass, BUT I found some amazing Rasberry/Jalapeno jam that I have been eating on almost everything. You name it, I’ve tried it!

We were all pretty happy….. and the weather was PERFECT. Thats my aunt Diane on the left, Donovan and my mama on the right!

Then, we ran into my mom’s friend Kris, and my mom was so excited to show her the basket she found….

Next stop, INDIAN FOOD!

But that wasn’t satisfying enough my Mom and Donovan…they had shots of wheatgrass and then went for some El Salvadorian food…PUPUSAS!

And for desert, Home made ice cream.

And cookies…

Can’t forget the fresh cut flowers!

Here are couple of my favorite shots from the day….

(I picked these shorts out for him and I think he looks so handsome in them, also the basket matches his outfit….awe. I heart him.)

Lastly, here’s what we came home with!

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A Sculpture Park – Downtown Des Moines

While we were exploring Downtown Des Moines last week, we stumbled upon this urban sculpture park. The sculptures caught both our eyes when we drove by and we stopped to check it out! I am so glad we did. It is truly a great attraction for Downtown Des Moines. The park was opened in 2009 and houses an estimated 40 million in sculpture art. The art was dedicated by John and Mary Pappajohn (a Des Moines adventure capitalist and his wife) who donated it through the Des Moines Art Center. We spent a good hour at the park and another hour admiring some of the early 1900 buildings that have been renovated into apartments. They are gorgeous. Check it out.

Here are some shots of Downtown Des Moines.

You got to love the rental bikes! Good job Des Moines on being eco-friendly!

And here are the sculptures that are featured at the John and Mary Pappajohn sculpture park.

This white tree was my favorite. Reminds me of a white sleepy hollow.

And I don’t want to forget those historical apartment buildings that I just can’t get enough of! Hallett Flatts and Arlington Apartments. (Donovan really liked the Hallett Flatts). I also read that the Arlington has murphy beds!

This is Locust Street, across the street from both Hallett and Arlington apartments. I would sure love to have an apartment here. I love this neighborhood! We even got saluted by a homeless man with a radio as a microphone. (You know you’re in a city when that happens!).

If you would like more information on the John and Mary Pappajohn sculpture park. Here is a great article I found from the NY times on the sculpture park and its artists.  I highly recommend checking it out if you live in Iowa or are visiting Des Moines.  The park is located on Grand Ave in between 12th and 15th streets.


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