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sequins + camouflage.

I’m doin it.

I did it.

Loved it.

Sequins + Camouflage…

{ H & M Hat, BCBGMAXAZRIA Leather Jacket & Top, Ralph Lauren Sunglasses, Nine West Booties, aimee East Village bracelets and my fiance’s camouflage cargo’s. }


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pretty neutrals.

Enjoyed the “last” day of nice weather in my monochromatic neutrals!

Today its supposed to snow by the end of the day. I’m not ready for winter, although this has been the best winter transition weather we could have asked for….I’m still not ready!

{ Jessica Simpson Sweater, W.D.N.Y Skirt }

{ BCBGeneration Shoes }

{ Earrings from World Market, Virgo Necklace from Fred Segal.}

{ Initial bracelet from my sister for Christmas }


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stripes + denim.

Really enjoying this { no coat } weather!

Yesterday, I decided to pull out one of my summer skirts! Just a mini-cut off denim skirt from Lucky Brand ( I got it probably 9 years ago). I paired it with a sheer shirt tail  blouse and a pinstripe cropped blazer.  I could never get sick of stripes with denim. I added some black tights and black booties and called it a day!

One more day of good weather they say….hmmm….what will I wear today : )

{ BCBGMAXAZRIA Blazer, Kimski Makes Top, Lucky Brand Skirt, AJ Morgan Sunglasses from aimee, BCBGMAXAZRIA Black Boots + my new favorite red/orange nail polish! }

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i <3 des moines.

A few gorgeous pictures of the magical east village….taken last night at sunset….truly love this place. Couldn’t be happier. If you haven’t been to the east village you MUST check it out! So many unique places to see. { The state capitol }

{ Some of the shops. }

{ View of Locust St to Downtown Des Moines }

{ Love the street lights! }


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Date night










Last night we went out for our first date night in Des Moines, we decided that since it was such gorgeous weather last night that we should ride our bikes somewhere! I’m the planner and like to look up places for us to go on yelp, but Donovan is the opposite – he likes to be more spontaneous and stumble upon a good place. He says that everytime we do that we have an unbelievable time. Since we are exploring our new neighborhood, I was more than fine with that!

We rode down Urbandale Blvd, which has a bike path on the road and headed towards Beaver Ave. This was already a perfect evening because the weather was great, the smell of fall was in the air and streets were lined with orange, yellow and red trees. Absolutely breathtaking. (So nice to ride with no exhaust in your face!)

We found a cute spot on Beaver called Tally’s which had an outdoor roof patio that made it the winner! Here are some photos of the cute little spot! I couldn’t get great pictures of the food, but I got the grilled portabello sandwich and he got fish tacos and we were very impressed. I also enjoyed a dirty martini with blue cheese olives. Mmmm!

Afterwards, we walked around and explored some of the shops in the area. Donovan found a bike shop and some things he wants to get! They were closed, so we did some great window shopping!

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our new house!

We got it! It was our first choice out of all the houses we saw and we got it! It’s in a great location and its just perfect for us. Donovan always told me that my expectations checklist is too much…and that it basically was not possible. Well, that may have been true in the past, BUT I proved him wrong this time!! I was able to get all but ONE thing on my list. Check it out…

{ A house: check! }

{ Nice neighborhood: check! }

{ At least 1000 sq feet: check! }

700 sq feet main floor + 700 sq feet basement = 1400 total (thats a big step up for us!)

{ Front + Back yard: check! }

{ Driveway + Garage: check! }

{ Hardwood Floors: check! }

{ Central A/C + Central Heat: check! }

{ Updated Bathroom: check! }

{ Washer/ Dryer: check! }

{ New Appliances: check! }

{ Dishwasher: NADA }

{ Space for all my clothes + shoes: check! }

{ Walking distance to restaurants: check! }

So as you can see…I got everything EXCEPT a dishwasher. I think I can deal, its a good thing I am a clean freak so we won’t have to worry about dishes piling up and our apartment in LA didn’t have one either and we were able to get by just fine : )

Here are some preliminary photos — I can’t wait to share other photos as we get settled in and decorate!

{ The house + part of the front yard. }

{ The living room. I’m already thinking about setting up my christmas tree in front of this window…can’t wait! }

{ Bedroom # 1: Absolutely beautiful hardwood floors. }

{ The second bedroom. }

{ The bathroom – I love the WHITE! A blank canvas. }

{ The Kitchen – I didn’t get a good picture because the Realtor was standing in the way..more from the kitchen later! }

{ The back yard + Part of the garage. }


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