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I’m pretty sure I’m not the only one with this problem….

TOO many accessories, not enough organization space.

Now, I’m just not the “jewelry armoire” type of girl. I just can’t find inspiration in accessorizing unless my accessories themselves look cool. My first task at hand : BRACELETS!

Sadly, this is how they used to be stored. Now awhile back I found this antique tool box at the Dodger Stadium Flea Market. I paid a wopping $1.00 for it! I used to use it to store my small vases, but recently realized this would be the perfect piece for my bracelets!! You first saw this toolbox¬† here¬† hard to believe I’m just now getting to it!

The handle is removable with large compartment space on the bottom for storage. I decided to spray paint it white. (Because I’m pretty much obsessed with spray painting anything.)

And voila! Here is how it came together…

Yay! Accessorizing my wrists just got a lot easier!


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