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sequins + camouflage.

I’m doin it.

I did it.

Loved it.

Sequins + Camouflage…

{ H & M Hat, BCBGMAXAZRIA Leather Jacket & Top, Ralph Lauren Sunglasses, Nine West Booties, aimee East Village bracelets and my fiance’s camouflage cargo’s. }


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STAR leggings + MOOSE jammies.

Having some fun in the snow before I’m off to work!

Rockin’ my star leggings, my Hayden Harnett bag ( a gift from Miss Emilie Cooke <3) and my oversized BCBGMAXAZRIA Sweater….and my new favorite sunglasses from aimee!

Now you’re all wondering about the MOOSE jammies right?

Well…here they are… a special feature on my gorgeous fiance, rockin his MOOSE jammies that he loves (thanks aunt Linda : )).

{ Moose jammies, Heartland Coop Fleece, Princess Hat from Target. }

{ And his IZOD slippers I got him for Christmas }

P.S. These photos were taken on Saturday before we got ALL the other snow!

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stripes + denim.

Really enjoying this { no coat } weather!

Yesterday, I decided to pull out one of my summer skirts! Just a mini-cut off denim skirt from Lucky Brand ( I got it probably 9 years ago). I paired it with a sheer shirt tail  blouse and a pinstripe cropped blazer.  I could never get sick of stripes with denim. I added some black tights and black booties and called it a day!

One more day of good weather they say….hmmm….what will I wear today : )

{ BCBGMAXAZRIA Blazer, Kimski Makes Top, Lucky Brand Skirt, AJ Morgan Sunglasses from aimee, BCBGMAXAZRIA Black Boots + my new favorite red/orange nail polish! }

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day to night style.

Today is going to be a quick post, I’m heading out to go and try and get a house we saw yesterday in Des Moines! It is PERFECT! Wish us luck…

On Monday night I had the pleasure of meeting up with my dear friend Kristina for dinner (We had a blast, maybe one too many martini’s…but we had a lot of laughs and good catching up time!) . I had been interviewing during the day and needed to wear something that would transition into night. I think it worked out pretty good, I felt confident and comfortable during the day and sexy and comfortable that night.

Business Casual for Day >>>

{ BCBGMAXAZRIA Striped Blazer, H & M Black Jersey Dress }

Added a chain belt and removed my blazer for night!

{ Fred Segal “Virgo” Necklace }

{ Kimski Makes Handbag, BCBGMAXAZRIA Booties }

Obsessed with these shoes — they are SO comfortable! Get them!

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The collaborations that designers like Rodarte have done with Target have been very successful and beautiful…but the collaboration with Missoni is by far the best I have seen (and my personal favorite too).  The advertisements really made you want to own at least one piece from this collection! Its designer and its exclusive, how could you not want a piece?!

It has been MISSONI MAYHEM! And, this fashionista was happy to get in on the action. I went to Target yesterday at 1pm thinking that everything would be sold out…well, I was wrong. I came home with A LOT, an entire cart full of Missoni for Target. I’m going to be making another stop at the local target today to see if I can find anything else for my home.  I am so thankful to be in Iowa for this launch, I was able to score Missoni for Target product with absolutely no stress or worry…I may have too much though, need to figure out exactly what I am going to keep!

Here are some of my favorite Missoni pieces that I brought home – I also bought some exciting things for my home. I will share those this afternoon!

{ Missoni for Target sweater, Missoni for Target Dress }


{ Target Sunglasses, BCBGMAXAZRIA Bracelets,  Kimski Makes Necklace, Motorola Droid 3 (which is an amazing phone) }

{ H & M tights, BCBGMAXAZRIA Booties }

My favorite part of this dress are the thick straps and it fits like a glove! Very comfortable…

I got this sweater for Donovan, he is already wearing it today! I told him when he left this morning that he is going to be the best dressed at the Wells Fargo Mortgage Office.

{ Missoni for Target Men’s Sweater }

I had to get one of the floppy hats, this is the first floppy hat I own…

{ Missoni for Target Felt Hat, Missoni for Target Cardigan, Missoni for Target Dress }

Its hard to judge exactly what my favorite pieces are, but these two are right up there!

{ Missoni for Target Top, Missoni for Target Knit Clutch }

Happiness in clothes + home goods… THANK YOU MISSONI for TARGET!

What did you get?

I will do a post with the home goods I brought home later this afternoon.

Until then….ciao!


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all about shoes.

Like most girls, especially girls who have worked in or love fashion… I know that a good or a bad pair of shoes can make or break an outfit. I am only 5′ 4″, so a great pair of 4″ heels makes me feel much more confident and beautiful. I think that goes for a majority of girlie girls.

Since we have arrived in Iowa I have been wearing flats or running shoes everyday and I keep telling my boyfriend that I miss my shoes and my clothes! Unfortunately, the moving company that I hired has screwed me over and still has all of our things after 14 days!  Super bummer… but I know that we will eventually get our things. And then, I will write them a nice review on the better business bureau :).

In the meantime, I’ve been enjoying the ones I brought with me in the car ( I couldn’t bear to part from them all!). These are all the shoes I will be wearing until I get my things. I may be overdressed wherever I go, but that doesn’t bother me. Hooray for gorgeous shoes!!!

I am ALL about shoes… I can’t wait until the rest of them arrive!!


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