About me

My name is Meagan, I have just relocated back to Iowa (where I was raised) from the sunny and smoggy Los Angeles, California. After 10 years in a city that houses millions and a thriving career that could have made me millions (ok…maybe not quite..but I was well on my way) in the fashion industry, I woke up one day and questioned who I was and who I actually wanted to be. Well, the answer was right in front of me, there he was my handsome man who I love more than anything, telling me that he would move to Iowa with me tomorrow  (he is a city slicker, born and raised in Echo Park, CA, but a total country boy at heart). I knew that if I was ever going to be the wife, lover, mother and best friend that he deserved… it was time for a refresh, time to start a life where I wasn’t attached to my blackberry and stressed out all the time.  It was time to be close to family.

We had always planned on moving – it was just a matter of where we were going to move. Denver? Dallas? Seattle? Chicago? So many great options, but nothing pushing us there. We both decided that being close to family is better than starting fresh on our own, alone with no family. After a rough couple of years with his family as well it was time for a new start for both of us.

I want to share all the fun things we are experiencing (and the things I am wearing) in our new rural life as well as the beginning of our new chapter and where it takes us.  My other passion in life is interior design. I love mixing modern and vintage and finding the best deals to make my home look beautiful. A good friend told me once, that as long as I bought the things I love…that they will all come together one way or another. That is my design motto. “Urban mix of all the old and new things I love.”

p.s. we also have a bugg and a pug, and they will be featured too. They are our babies! Share is on the left and Buster is on the right.

Thank you for reading!

Email me at countrysolecityheels@gmail.com for inquiries or questions.


15 responses to “About me

  1. carlos cruz

    Very happy for you!
    Best of luck to the both of you.
    If you ever want to get back into the industry let me know
    my new company is hiring….

  2. Charles Rico

    Get down with your bad Iowa selves. Good luck and take care of D.

  3. Aunt Datlene

    My dearest niece I love your words of young liove and may you both experience the adventures that lay ahead of you with open arms open mind and most important an open heart I love you both as it was once said ” you complete each other” xoxo

  4. Meredith

    Ahhh Meagan…..you bring a smile to my face. It is so great to have you back in Iowa and I look forward to reading all about your new adventures. You truly are an amazing woman that has done so much and seen things that only some people can dream about. I wish you luck and remember Family & Love will carry you far in this crazy world we live in.


  5. Mom

    Your blog is amazing, I’m so glad to have you back home Love you always

  6. i love love love this Meg !!! so incredible and so happy for you.

    i cant wait to be in love like you .

    best of luck and look forward to following your adventures!


  7. Brenda Martin

    Meaghan….so nice to meet you yesterday at Aimee in the East Village…can’t wait to read more on your blog. Thanks for sharing!

  8. Meaghan I love your blog!! thank you so much for sharing all the great ideas.

  9. Cyndie Delp

    Meagan, your mom gave me your blog address, I work with her and she has been filling me in on all of your adventures. Very nice blog enjoyed reading, loved the pics of how you organized your moms closet and the pics of the garden. Your mom and I talk about gardening, I know she is a great gardener. I increased my garden this year had a lot of produce. My sister and I canned salsa, spaghetti sauce and pizza sauce. We also went to Community orchard in Fort Dodge bought apples and came home and canned apple sauce. I am going to tell my sister about the orchard over by Cambridge we will venture over there sometime. Welcome back to Iowa. PS. tell your friend who knits to go to the Yarn Basket in Carroll, I love this place and she will love Beth. Santa Maria winery there also, fun place to go with good food.
    Cyndie Delp

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